Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rhythmic Air

Artist unknown  


J AN  ISTARA  Ackerman 6-05-2013

Open to your heart-song,
the vibration... the frequency
of your unique essences.
Resonate with God’s breath as
life-giving air flows through you.
Listen for silent whispers
 beneath life’s clamor.

Sing out your spirit’s song,
Mr. Atom and Ms. Eve.
Rhythm-sway to thy inner space.
Feel the joy, the bliss of
each created, nature form.
Consciously, tie your personal melody
to the eternal, cosmic symphony.

Dance with the wild flowers
and prairie meadow grasses.
Listen to CREATOR’s heart beat,
as you strike your drum.
Look upward and inward to
heaven’s starry, atomic fragments,
dancing in their circular orbits.    
Soar as an eagle, high above the land
 as tree-chimes tinkle in the breeze.
Stroll earth’s circling pathways  
you robust children of the ages,
you laughing masters who share
enlightened dream-solutions.
Watch for concealing, white puff-clouds
 telling stories of shiny saucers and
angels messages written in the sky.

Raising your wing-spread arms
 to the open horizon,
acknowledge the mystical form
of thy delightful Spirit,
 air-tapping your foot
to Loves musical rhythm.

Photographer Unknown

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