Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Awaiting Divine Word

Artist Bobby Donaghey

J AN  ISTARA  Ackerman 1-08-2014

Cool air touches my crown and third eye chakras.
The nap of my neck and hands are stiff with cold.
I pull the soft blanket higher up
and snuggle beneath its warmth.
 Relaxing into a meditative state is extra difficult.
Requesting the Christ spirit and I AM Presence,
I face the expansive ‘Gateway of Enlightenment.’
Then I quiet the mind, open my heart and WAIT.

The Christ sits down in front of me
takes my hands in his and smiles.
You are never left alone.
We are all-one!”

My eyes water up with warm tears.

He continues, “This is a fresh New Timelessness.
All you long for...  already IS.
No one, no-thing can keep the Light from you.

Light lives in ALL, in every spinning atom,
every vast dimension of the galaxies,
in small, dark corners and fading cosmic voids.
Light births forth in radiant fire-sparks
 from HOLY SPIRIT’S great inferno.
No-thing dies, it recycles in mysterious IS-ness.
No need to sit in nature waiting
for God’s seedlings to spout.
Know they will at the right moment
and relax into this divine awareness.
Everything births in the spring of life;
2014 brings great change and growth.
‘And the little ones shall lead earth’s family.’
Savor truth of your immortality and sinless-ness
Flip Evil end to end and... Live.
Continuously expand and evol-ve in love.
Follow thy heart, allowing Spirit to comfort you.
Release all dis-ease; Oh Holy One, heal thy self.
Child of God, baptize thy self as a God-child
 which Divine Spirit created and knows you to be.
Seedling, step out of thy shell, reach up to the sun,
grow and flourish in CREATOR’s Sacred Light.”
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