Saturday, June 22, 2013

Changing Air Currents

Photographer Unknown


J AN  ISTARA  Ackerman 6-12-2013

From out of the void comes
the rushing sound of wind,
a cracking whip of lightening, and
the rumbling boom of thunder
as they march across the sky.
Cosmic drumbeats awaken the masses.
The air, alive with electric charge,
introduces a whirling, swirling vortex,
a sweeping force of change to all in its path.
Air-bent trees bow to shield the ground as
grassy grain fields roll like crashing waves.
Wind, rain, fire and hail released their fury.

With dimensional changes comes great
releasing... releasing... releasing.
Dear hearts, it is time for landscape changes
of old world mental patterns and thinking.
It’s time to expel your last breath of rancid air.
Oh rebirthing winged-ONES, take to the sky,
transform thy perceptions and false beliefs,
as your prayer-thoughts for peace levitate
in total surrender to “Thy will be done!”

Enlightenment blows in the wind,
positive, magnetic thoughts forms
attract tranquil vision-dreams
 of the fifth dimension and beyond.
Changing our projections,
a serene, stillness settles over the land.
Floating in waves of light energy,
the air holds quiet whisper ribbons
of rainbow colored promises.

Artist unknown
 Attending to our inner cleansing
 and releasing self-imposed illusions,
we once again step from our shadow,
like flowers we turn our face to the sun.
Drawing life expanding chi energy
into the depths of our central core,
we discover once more an ancient truth,
“Fresh air is as close as our next breath.”

Photographer J AN  ISTARA  Ackerman 6-11-2013

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