Monday, May 20, 2013

Magical Month of May

Purple-hearts                  Artist Unknown


J AN  ISTARA  Ackerman 5-01-2013

The magic of May cascades downward,
purifying Light-streams enter the crown.
Once received, it swells the heart,
revitalizing the Inner Spirit.
Divine magic continues on its way,
flowing out in all directions to
ever expanding circles of Life.

Into every country cottage and
regal manor house,
through dale and village,
town and city,
the Light swirls ever onward.

Touching all hearts of
creatures great and small,
it kisses dew drops on spring flowers
 as it hugs elephants wallowing in mud.
Cosmic Light melts falling snowflakes,
waters green the meadow grasses
and opens buds on leafless trees.

Mineral kingdoms shine forth in sunlight colors.
Animal kingdoms couple, creating new birth
and humanity’s kingdom pauses in silence,
yearning to dance around the May pole.
Their focus is on weaving shiny,
 colored ribbons in and out,
creating ‘New Earth’ spring patterns,
harmonic woven masterpieces
of rediscovered ONEness.

Holy Spirit reaches out...
flows through and emerges from family
 as it parts the ‘Sea of 3 D reality.’
SEA ANGEL         Artist Nyako Nakar

Golden Age silhouettes march
ever onward to the ‘promised land’ as
‘enlightened manna’ falls from the sky
into every hungry, outstretched heart.
Once they reach the land of milk and honey,
there’s no looking back or longing for the past.

On this fifth dimension Day of May, 2013
evolving, resurrected phoenix ashes
soar on high to ‘nativity nests of life.’
Fragrant sweet frequencies blanket Mother
with Phoenix wings of transforming change.
Melodic ‘creation songs’ are sung
to Mother Earth and her cradled children,
both living upon and carried within her womb.
All are birthing into the fullness of their bloom.

by Artist Giorgio-Vaselli

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