Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Temple

VALENTINE                        Artist Erial

J AN  ISTARA  Ackerman 5-02-2013

Rising through cosmic space
I sit at the hearth
Yes, I just sit there in silence,
feeling warm violet flames
 dance upon my face.
I am filled with calm peace.

In the stillness
 I hear my heart whisper,

I AM THAT I AM within opens
 to the most benevolent outcome
for Mother Earth and her family.”

It is a prayer of inclusion,
a prayer of violet flame-throwing,
like shooting stars piercing the night sky.
 It is a prayer of grass-blade whistling,
while riding the Milky Way on a Mother ship.
It’s a ‘feeling’ prayer,
meditating beneath a ‘Buddha Tree’
 with a butterfly dancing on my knee.

It’s a ‘nostalgia’ prayer of maternal love,
 kissing our brown-eyed baby girl,
as we fly over the Atlantic Ocean
to meet her new grandparents.
It’s a ‘singing memory’ prayer,
 sung to my dieing 80 year old Mother as
 she slips into Light’s magnificent freedom.

It’s a prayer for corporate manipulators,
earth-actors, with dark duality roles,
also serving to awaken humanity.
It’s a ‘quickening fire’ prayer, revising all
flawed creations and fallacies unlike love,
melting, healing, fusing atoms into
 whole, crystalline, christed energy.
It is a Holy Breath ONEness prayer,
igniting I AM embers of the heart,
gifting-forward transforming
violet flames to one and all.

Yes indeed, it is a prayer of inclusive love.

Artist Unknown

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